Central Arizona - Desert Botanical Garden, Papago Park, Seven Springs (24 Feb 2013)

by AJ 24. February 2013 21:51

A busy day began with meeting friend Pete Moulton at the Desert Botanical Garden where the cold wind made the fleece necessary.  The wind pretty much kept the birds down but we saw a few things and it was great to catch up with Pete.  The prize was probably this Great Horned Owl, but we found a few other birds as well.  My shots of the Gambel's Quail were all worthless and the Curve-billed Thrashers insisted on staying in the shade and under the brush. The little Costa's Hummingbird just wouldn't pose for me.

Great Horned Owl


Anna's Hummingbird


Cactus Wren



Pete then took me down to the ponds in Papago Park to do a little duck shooting.  The wind was cold and I didn't stay long but it was a good place to get up close and personal with a few things.


American Coot


Female Canvasback


Young male Hooded Merganser


Ring-necked Duck

I then headed north to meet up with Angie and her friend Liz and we went for a ride north into the mountains to the Seven Springs area.  The beautiful rolling hills are such a quiet and peaceful place and only a few miles away from the bustling city.  The recent rains made the road a bit rough and washboarded but what a great afternoon.  I think Liz said it was in the 40's so we keep the top on!  Cold, windy, but still beautiful.  What a fun day!



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