Central Arizona - Salt River and North (27 Feb 2013)

by AJ 27. February 2013 21:31

The first order of business today was to try for better photos of the Red-breasted Sapsucker at Blue Point RA along the Salt River north of Mesa.  Unfortunately I didn't even notice the small branch in the way until I got home and began viewing my photos, but it's not too bad.  What a beauty!

Birding was a bit slow at most areas.  A few days ago, when I first visited Saguaro Lake, there were lots of Western Grebes on the water and without my scope along I wondered what else might be out there.  Today I had my scope but there was a total turnover in birds.  With so little activity I headed further north towards Payson and first stop was the road to Mt. Ord.  After driving through a few snow patches in the lower elevations, I felt it prudent to turn around and not get too high.  Looked like it could get a little dicey up there.

The next stop was just down the road along Sycamore Creek.  Again birding was a bit slow but I did pick up a pair of Red Crossbills and a pair of Eastern Bluebirds for the trip.  The only thing that wanted to pose for a bit was this Red-tailed Hawk.

Sycamore Creek is really picturesque but just wasn't terribly birdy this afternoon.

With plans to have dinner with Uncle Ron and Aunt Betty, I spent the rest of the afternoon back along the Salt River watching such mundane birds as Bald Eagle, Vermilion Flycatcher, Phainopepla, Marsh Wren, and even Common Mergansers.  It looked like a perfect afternoon for kayaking the river.

The late afternoon lighting on Red Mountain is superb!

I pulled into Ron & Betty's drive and finally had a chance for a photo of my lifer for this trip - Rosy-faced Lovebird.  I've seen them many times before but just last summer the ABA deemed them established in the US and thus countable on my life list.


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